Service Solutions

Orion Management Solutions has tailored its service packages just like it tailors its approach to customers.  Some owners need more supervision, while others need periodic assessment of their short-term and long-term strategies and programs.  Orion can be called in to develop a business plan with the existing staff, or we can assist with the daily management of a facility or event.  Either way, we make sure the client is satisfied and understands the direction the facility needs to take in order to achieve the owner’s goals.

Owner Assistance Service Solutions

Each owner also has a choice of individual packages to choose from that best suits their facility.  The following service solutions are available as  

Daily Course Management

Orion moves in and takes control to achieve the owners goals.  Services can include all of the following:  Accounting, Marketing, Food and Beverage, Course Maintenance, Merchandising, Event Planning, Instructional Programs, etc.

Business Plan Development

Program Evaluation and Creation, Fee Structure, Food and Beverage, Course Maintenance, Budgeting, Competitive Analysis, Capital Improvement Plan, etc.


Evaluation of course operations, attendance at monthly meetings, recommendations and discussion with staff.

As Needed Consulting Services

Consulting arrangements can be tailored to a client’s specific goals.